Our software enables retails brands to streamline management on online marketplaces like Amazon.com. Equipping teams to work faster, smarter, and turn product data into clear action steps.

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Most e-commerce solutions over-charge and under-deliver. Our software changes the game for brands. Teams can proceed with confidence — from finance to marketing to logistics and more. Several solutions can be even more complicated to navigate. Instead, our single, comprehensive process for Amazon management is efficient and easy-to-use for anyone within your e-business.

For existing brands, our software provides operational management to increase the workflow productivity within your team. Our software allows a member of your brand to maximize their team, reach, and sales without adding unnecessary overhead.


For new brands, our software gives you the ability to infuse your team with automated workflows and alerts while guiding you through KPI’s so that nothing is missed.



Through the Glide dashboard, managers can arrange data in an optimal format that allows them to quickly visualize and manage every operation efficiently while viewing the most critical task that needs attention.


The Revenue dashboard automates sales tracking, streamlines accounting, and enables the user to look into the KPIs essential to the sales performance of the brand’s Amazon account.


The Insight dashboard helps in research, analytics, reporting, as well as provides helpful tools for building and maintaining sales and listings.    



The Tenacity dashboard helps with automating repeatable and long term workflows. The primary purpose of the Tenacity dashboard is to allow the manager and team members to be more patient, yet still collaborative.

One platform built for brands and manufacturers selling on B2C marketplaces.

Automate product replenishments & forecast inventory.

Quickly review bi-weekly payment with true fees and net margins.

Automate PPC bids, analyze, review system suggestion, and determine things like your breakeven ACOS, ROAS, CVR & more.

Send out bulk emails, automatic email campaigns, and automatically respond to reviews with simplicity.

Improve KPIs by using our analytic, SEO, keyword and listing optimization tools.

Review our sales tracking tools and report manager to understand which products drive sales and which products are losing profits.


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