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Our Narrative

Online retail is the biggest new industry of our young century. And it’s just getting started. E-commerce makes up over 14% of all retail sales and is ballooning year over year. As it grows, it will change how we buy, live, and work.

Soon there won’t be online shopping. We’ll just call it “shopping”.

Brick and mortar may survive in some form, but nearly all purchases, decisions, and relationships will live online. Consumer behavior is driving the change and in order to survive for long term business, brands have to embrace it.

It’s a jungle out there. There are a million ways to manage a brand. Few of them worthy.

The new marketplace doesn’t play by the old rules. Brands have to contend with resellers and knock-offs undercutting them, and for consumers, it’s the Wild West. Where once trust was built on brick-and mortar-experiences, now it’s hard to know what you’re getting and where it comes from. Most e-commerce solutions over-charge and under-deliver. They lock brands into dependent relationships that hurt their opportunity long term. They may not know they’re being ripped off or may not think they have a choice.

We see a simpler and safer future for digital retail.

Starting in 2015, Darrin Levine, the Founder of ASDAL started the journey toward building what is now our solution. In 2017, our team of technologists, data scientists, and retail specialists came together to create a better way to help brands grow their relationships with customers on their terms and thrive on Amazon and other marketplaces without all the complexity, cost, and risk. Over the last two years, we’ve been patient, and now we’re determined to do it right, with discipline and integrity. As others rushed to market hyping half-baked solutions, we held back, testing, reviewing, and improving.

Now we’re ready.

May the best brands win.

We’re solving retail management for the future, on Amazon and beyond. We envision a marketplace built on trust, where brands are empowered to engage their customers on their own terms. Through eliminating knock-offs and resellers from the equation, we provide trust to buyers. Allowing peace of mind that they’re getting the real deal from the source every time they shop. May the best brands win.

Our Focus

Our brains, your brand. Don’t guess: know.

We built our software with a focus on user-friendliness and robust layouts, making it easy to navigate and understand complex data. Because of the simplicity, our software is easy to adapt and can be seamlessly and quickly aligned into day-to-day operations.

Our software gives brands and manufacturers moving to B2C the ability to become more efficient and more knowledgable with key account operations that are essential for success on the Amazon platform. 

Cloud based technology with big brand capability for all!

Our software is a cloud-based suite for brands and manufacturers selling on the Amazon marketplace. It allows brands to quickly turn product, market, and customer data into a clear plan of action.

Our software is a standalone platform for your Amazon store created to put brands in control, not resellers. Unlike other softwares, our system includes all the essential tools for brand use only, encompassed into one suite.

Project Management & ERP Functionality

We worked with customers for the past 2+ years and noticed one common issue: Not everyone has the time or knowledge to check-in and review gaps, but if they knew, they would!  Because of this, we included automation and alerts that are designated to the respective team members. Alternatively, standalone managers can quickly align their daily management tasks with suggestions from our software.

Our software is a low cost, yet seamless extension of your ongoing operation. No more spreadsheets or inefficient manual processes to make decisions that lack the data-driven insight you need to optimize your performance. Our tools replace manual labor and increase your work performance.

Don’t let limited infrastructure limit your potential. We built our software to help you manage your Amazon account with one streamlined solution.

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