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How to Get Amazon Prime Pantry Free Shipping

A stunning 82 percent of U.S. households have a membership to Amazon Prime. That breaks down to 105 million users in America alone. 

And all of Amazon’s customers get more than just free shipping with a Prime membership. They can watch T.V. and movies, read e-books, save photos to the cloud, and buy products with members-only discounts. Amazon has become an integral aspect of daily shopping experiences, and this is no longer limited to books, apparel, and other occasional buys.

While those benefits tend to get more attention, the bonus of having access to Amazon Prime Pantry often goes unnoticed. You might even be wondering what Pantry even is. Spoiler alert: it’s a great feature for customers and businesses alike. With Amazon pantry, users can shop for their groceries and everyday household items online.

Amazon has transformed the consumer shopping experience all over the world, and it keeps getting better every day. With shopping options and saving opportunities, Amazon Prime Pantry is the cost- and time-efficient option for everyday needs. 

Many people are aware of the Amazon prime pantry free shipping offers, but most aren’t fully aware of how it works. At ASDAL, we want to help you use Amazon like an expert so you can grow your business. Learn how Amazon Prime Pantry works so your grocery or daily household items business can optimize its e-commerce operations. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

Amazon Prime

For one to take advantage of the offer on Amazon Prime Pantry shipping, your customers need to be members of Amazon Prime. So what is Amazon Prime? Well, it’s a subscription service that goes for $12.99 a month or $119 per year and allows members access to some cool Amazon perks. Some of those goodies include the following:

  • Access to Amazon prime video
  • Free two-day shipping 
  • Exclusive deals on Amazon Prime day
  • Prime members who shop at Whole Foods enjoy a10% discount on select whole food products

By itself, the free 1 – 2 day shipping is already a massive win for Prime customers. But Amazon Prime just got even better, since members can now take advantage of the Amazon Prime Pantry free shipping. 

What Is Amazon Prime Pantry? 

For most people, the grocery-buying process requires a trip to the shop, arms full of bags, and either a drive or walk home. 

Amazon could be the company to change that. The web giant started Pantry as a delivery service for nonperishable food and household items. 

In case you’re wondering what in the world Amazon Prime Pantry is, it’s merely a service on Amazon’s online stores where prime members can shop for household products and daily needs in any quantities they want. 

You won’t find every item you need — the retail giant markets Pantry as a way to stock up on essentials. They sell food, as well as baby necessities, beauty products, cleaning solutions, drinks, alcohol, pet care items and more.

Benefits of Prime Pantry

The major benefit of Amazon Prime Pantry is, of course, having groceries show up on your doorstep. No more trips to the shop, no more lugging bags to and from the car. 

Don’t expect the site to deliver massive quantities of your favorite products, though. Amazon Prime Pantry provides customers with everyday sizes, which match what they’d find on a regular grocery store’s shelves. 

The site banks on you making a big enough order to make shipping groceries cost-effective. For instance, delivering a single bottle of body wash might cost $5 in shipping, although the item itself is only worth $3. 

But if you put that body wash in a box with other foodstuffs and household products, it would be worthwhile to send. (And, for Prime members, it typically won’t cost anything to do so.) 

How Does Ordering On Prime Pantry Work? 

Like most other tasks on the Amazon site, ordering from Pantry is simple. 

Customers start by navigating to the Amazon Prime Pantry page. From there, they can see the thousands of items that they can order as part of your grocery delivery. 

As customers add Prime Pantry items to your Amazon cart, they will be separated from items they’ve picked from the main site. This feature can help them keep track of your Pantry order and make sure it meets the threshold for free delivery. 

Ordering one box of cereal on Amazon Pantry used to be prohibitively expensive, but now it’s very affordable. 

Amazon Prime members will enjoy free prime pantry shipping whenever they make prime pantry purchases of above $35. Shipping is also possible for any prime pantry orders below $35. For such orders, a prime customer will incur a flat shipping fee of $5.99. 

Another way for prime members to enjoy prime pantry free shipping is by paying a monthly fee of $4.99 and any applicable taxes. In this way, they can enjoy prime pantry free shipping for any orders of $10 and above. Ordering below $10 will also incur a shipping fee of $5.99. 

 Alternatively, one can forgo the monthly fee and place an order on Amazon prime pantry for goods worth $10.

EBT cardholders

Holders of valid EBT cards in participating states enjoy some amazing Amazon benefits as well. Such cardholders are exempted from paying the Amazon prime membership fee. They are, however, eligible for Amazon prime pantry free shipping if they meet the minimum order of 5 items and above. Prime Pantry orders of below $35 by EBT cardholders will attract a shipping fee of $5.99. 

Prime Pantry and Free Shipping Explained 

Firstly, you have to have an Amazon Prime membership to order from the Pantry. 

Prices for Prime membership will likely fluctuate as time goes on. However, since May 2018, it costs $119 per year for a membership. Students pay a reduced rate of $59 annually. Or, you can opt to pay monthly, which costs $12.99 or $6.49 for regular members or students, respectively. 

Prime Pantry orders don’t automatically ship for free, though. Prime members get free shipping on orders valued at $35 or higher. Otherwise, the flat shipping fee for a Pantry order is $5.99. 

You can get further discounts on your cart, depending on how much you buy. A five-item purchase will get you five percent off your order. Ten- and 20-item purchases will give you equal discounts, too. 

The site has plenty of coupons available to sweeten the online shopping deal even more. 

Amazon Prime customers know that they are entitled to free prime pantry shipping for as long as their orders are above $35. However, a slight confusion can set in about whether the $35 and above the threshold is exclusive to Prime Pantry purchases only. 

The question is: If you placed an order of some Prime Pantry items as well as a few other non-Prime items and the total order amounted to $35, would you be entitled to the free shipping? Unfortunately, in such a scenario, one would not get the free shipping offer.

That’s because the Prime Pantry free shipping only comes into play if a Prime member has bought Prime pantry items worth $35 and above. In short, the $35 and above applies to prime pantry products exclusively. 

Where Is Prime Pantry Available?

Your Pantry order probably won’t show up as fast as your other Prime purchases. 

That’s because there are air restrictions on shipping some of the items offered through the online grocery store. So, the company relies on ground-based transport to get your groceries to you. 

On that note, Prime Pantry only delivers to customers in the contiguous U.S. It has to be a traditional doorstep drop-off, too — no P.O. boxes, Amazon Lockers, or Army or Fleet Post Offices allowed.

Is everybody eligible to order from Prime Pantry?

Unfortunately, Amazon pantry is currently only available in the select areas listed above. In those select areas, anyone can order Prime Pantry. If one is not an Amazon Prime member, they can still place an order and enjoy the low priced prime pantry selection. With every order, they will incur a shipping fee of $5.99. The other option is to subscribe to Amazon prime and enjoy free shipping for all orders above $35. 

Many Amazon shoppers wonder how long prime pantry shipping takes. But as mentioned earlier, the prime pantry selections currently is only available in the contiguous US (that excludes Alaska and Hawaii). Owing to the size and weight of the prime pantry orders, the mode of moving merchandise is through ground shipping, which can only be offered to said U.S. locations. Upon completion of a prime pantry order, a customer can expect to receive their order within one to four business days. 

A common question is whether purchases from Amazon.com and Amazon prime pantry made as one order for the same delivery address will arrive in the same shipment. All purchases from Amazon.com will be shipped separately, while the prime pantry product will also be delivered separately. 

Is Amazon Prime Pantry Worth It For Businesses? 

It makes sense that retailers would want to get in on the Amazon Pantry service, with so many Prime members already using the site. However, selling on Pantry isn’t the same as selling products on Amazon proper. 

Amazon limits who can sell groceries via Pantry. For now, only those businesses that are vendors to the site can participate. 

If that’s you, you’ll still have to prove they’re worthy of inclusion in the site’s Pantry section. Start by listing your products through Vendor Central. Then, do all you can to market and sell your goods so that your numbers increase. 

Once an item reaches a particular threshold of sales, you can put in a request for it to be part of the Pantry selection. It’ll be up to an Amazon Vendor Manager to decide if a product meets the requirements. 

In the meantime, though, brands can still put their grocery items up for sale. Plenty of businesses do so through the Seller Central platform. Depending on the product, you may have to fulfill orders yourself, rather than outsourcing them to an Amazon warehouse. 

And, sometimes, selling the conventional way can make your product competitive against Pantry items themselves. That’s especially true if your offerings come with free Prime shipping — not all Pantry goods can say the same. 

Amazon Prime Pantry — The Beginning of Online Grocery Shopping 

Amazon Prime is already a high-value subscription. With the added value of free Prime Pantry shipping, it just got a whole lot better. Those items that seemed irrational to buy on Amazon because of shipping costs are now viable to order in both low and high quantities. 

Ultimately, every business will come to a different conclusion here. Online grocery shopping isn’t as hot as other virtual markets. But experts expect it to pick up, so it’s good to start preparing your company for the changes ahead with an Amazon Prime Pantry presence. 

Indeed, Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform out there, so getting your foot in the door now can pay dividends in the future. It can help your nonperishable foods and home goods to reach even more customers than ever before. 

So, head to Amazon today to find out more about selling with them, in and out of the Pantry portal. And, as you put your online shop together, don’t forget to check back with our blog — we have all the online branding tips you need to make your business a success. 

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