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ASDAL Inc has been professional, reliable, and personable. Darrin was able to first listen to the needs of IMH - before suggesting how to improve our current listing. Since his reconstruction of our listing, we have noticed almost a %300 sales increase. His approach is friendly to our budget (considering we are less than 6 months selling on Amazon). He is very engaged and seems invested in our success. We are excited to launch our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and many more products using Asdal Marketing.
IMH - Baltimore, MD
For the last 9 months, I have had the pleasure of working with Darrin as a business consultant through Meda. He is extremely passionate about helping businesses sell on Amazon and has a great vision for GRIT. It was evident after the first time that I met Darrin that he loved learning. He is extremely open to taking advice and quickly follows through on implementing it. He is a thorough planner and is ready for any situation that comes his way. He has the skill set, work ethic, and leadership abilities to achieve a tremendous amount of quality work with a minimum amount of resources. In addition to all of this he is a pleasure to work with. He cares deeply about the relationships he builds, client and professional. I can’t wait to see what is next for ASDAL.
Paul Merkling
ASDAL & their team are amazing to work with. The passion and smarts that each member brings to the table is unmatched. I believe they their solution is on the cutting edge of technology & it is just a matter of time before every will want, no need, to be using ASDAL if they plan to be a successful Amazon seller
Brent Johnson
ASDAL is a team of innovators whose ambition will not be stopped. I have absolutely loved working with them, and I particularly have been inspired by their CEO, Darrin Levine. It is my opinion that they are quickly becoming one of the top authorities on Amazon Brand Management!
Lucas James Capestany
Darrin and the ASDAL team epitomize the entrepreneurial hustler mindset. They are results focused subject matter experts who care about client relationships and are always learning. Their vision for GRIT is to enable retail teams to leverage simple tools and best practices in order to deliver strong ROI on Amazon. They know how to surface meaningful data and actions from the overwhelming array of data, and put insights that drive revenue at their clients' fingertips.
Zack Steven
ASDAL in a whole has a real solution and an amazing product that will transform the way Brands interact with the Amazon Marketplace. This will be a key component for Brands to not only succeed in selling but actually create a strong business on the marketplace. On top of that, ASDAL's team has the hardest workers and most brilliant minds I have ever met. They are going places! and I will always vouch for ASDAL.
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