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If you are reading this, then you probably sell on Amazon, and that’s awesome.
However, you are probably aware that FBA can be a HUGE pain to deal with and from time to time they lose or damage your valuable inventory and rarely tell you!

Now, as amazing as FBA is and will continue to be, they are not so perfect all the time. Amazon is aware of this and they set action steps people can take to ensure that Amazon can service and correct their mistakes!

A lot of brands and sellers will use a third-party service to help with this, and yes, I too would recommend doing that. However, most companies are robbing brands and sellers and charging abnormally high fees and or commissions as high as 30% per lost and damaged item! For the amount of work required, that is just wrong.

My team and I were so fed up to this point, so we decided to show everyone how they can find and determine their lost and damaged inventory for FREE, and you can download our step by step guide by clicking here. It also includes simple, easy to understand language and formats that one person or a team can follow.

Before using the guide, it’s essential to understand why and how to determine if inventory was lost or found. Items can be lost for multiple reasons, but ultimately, it is due to Amazon’s partnered carriers and their warehouse staff.

I often like to think of Amazon as a superhero that also has its flaws. However, those mistakes are made from the people on the other end of the receiving and storage team. Yes, that’s right, you have to remember that there is always someone touching, moving, and/or transporting your products. From time to time they will make a mistake so it’s up to you to catch those mistakes!

Note: By clicking here, you can download our workbook and step by step guide which will speed up the following steps regarding finding your lost or damaged products.

To review and download your lost and damaged report in Amazon Seller Central go to:

      1. Reports
      2. Fulfillment
      3. Inventory Adjustments
      4.  Go to the download tab
      5. Select your event dates. Note: If you never determined lost & damaged before, select 18 months back only.
      6. When you have downloaded the Inventory Adjustment report, open it in Excel or Google Sheets. Now you want to sort the column titled “reason” by A-Z and delete all rows except ones with letters D, E, M & Q.
      7. Next, you want to sort the column titled “disposition” by Z-A.
      8. Once you do that, you should add up the total number of items damaged or lost

Once you have the total number of items, now you have an idea of what Amazon might owe you. However, before submitting your A-Z cases, it’s important to first figure out how much money you can get back.

A lot of Amazon seller Facebook groups will say to submit your cases right away after reviewing your report, but no! Amazon has outsourced reps and not every one of them will take the time to review your report line by line. So, you must make this process as easy and simple to read as possible. I wrote another blog on how to do this exact thing, and you can read that here. However, if you want to jumpstart this process, you can also download our step by step guide here.

If you are like me and prefer a simple to use and cost efficient solution for only $59.99 a month, you can also use our Lost and Damaged software tool, which you can sign up for here. Don’t worry, we aren’t like the others who just want your money. We want to make your life better and help as much as we can. Because of this, we offer commission-free pricing and drive down the cost as much as we can.

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