How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

Darrin Levine

Getting a negative review on Amazon can be a major blow to confidence. For a brand like yours, it might mean the loss of selling privileges or a complete suspension. Not only that, negative feedback affects the decision making power of future buyers, and in a competitive environment like Amazon, it could mean less visibility.

While some negative feedback can be instrumental in helping you improve your processes or even develop a better product, other feedback might be unfair, out of your control, or even wrong. Whether a negative feedback is unfair or untruthful, it still affects the algorithm. At ASDAL, We offer a marketplace software built for brands like yours. Created to help you stay in command of your operations by streamlining your Amazon Management. As a brand selling on Amazon, there are certain steps you can follow to stay in control and remove negative feedback on Amazon.

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When Can You Remove Negative Feedback? 

Before you understand how to remove negative feedback on Amazon, it is important to understand the circumstances under which you’re actually eligible to do so. Based on Amazon’s guidelines, here are the three main reasons why you can remove negative feedback on Amazon.

 1. Obscenity

Amazon is highly intolerant of any abusive language or obscenity on its platform. If the feedback has any swear words or obscene language, you can appeal to Amazon for removal. This also includes any insulting language or derogatory words. The use of such language makes negative feedback eligible for removal.

2. Personal Data

Any information such as name, contact information, address, and financial information is not allowed in any shape or form. If you find any information that reveals any personal data in feedback, whether written intentionally or unintentionally, you can request Amazon for removal. Amazon has this in place as a part of its data protection policy, hence any feedback that consists of personal information is eligible for removal.

3. Product Review

Amazon gives buyers the opportunity to leave product reviews on product pages, which is why there is no requirement of product reviews in the seller feedback section. If any negative feedback is about the product, you can get it removed. However, if the feedback consists of both product review and seller feedback, Amazon won’t remove it. It will only do so if the buyer uses any offensive language.

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Conditions Under Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

If your brand sells via FBA, there are wider sets of conditions when it comes to negative feedback removal. Since Amazon is responsible for storage, packaging, shipping and even customer service, any negative feedback that mentions these duties will be removed from Amazon because they are not under the selling list of duties.

How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

As a brand selling on Amazon, there is one thing to remember when it comes to dealing with negative feedback: it’s not necessarily about you. There are always good days and bad days when it comes to running a business and if a customer feels dissatisfied with your product or service in any given day or package, they are fully within their rights to express it. 

There are more diplomatic and professional ways when it comes to removing negative feedback on Amazon. Following these steps will keep your brands Amazon selling reputation intact and help you understand the right way of dealing with negative feedback on a platform like Amazon.

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Appeal To The Buyer

Getting in touch with a buyer who has left negative feedback and appealing them to remove it is a good way to start. Amazon gives you 60 days to appeal to a buyer for removal. 

In order to do so, you must follow these steps on your “Feedback Manager” page:

    1. Scroll down and then click onto ‘View Current Feedback’.
    2. Select the buyer comment and then select the ‘Resolve’ button. You will be redirected through to ‘Resolving Negative Feedback’.
    3. Click on the yellow ‘Contact Customer’ button.
    4. Select the correct subject from the drop-down menu.
    5. Type in your message.
    6. To add any supporting documents click on ‘Add Attachment’.
    7. Click Send Email to forward your message to the buyer.

While appealing to the buyer, it’s important to understand their reasoning behind leaving negative feedback, otherwise, the buyer will feel unheard. You should also offer a refund or other means of resolution as asking directly for repeal is against Amazon’s rules and doesn’t reflect good customer service on your part as well.

Request Removal From Amazon

If the buyer rejects your appeal, you can approach Amazon and ask them to remove the feedback. You can follow any of the listed conditions to request removal from Amazon.

To contact Amazon for feedback removal, follow these steps:

    1. Visit your Seller Central page and open a new support case.
    2. Select Account Settings, then Orders, then Customer feedback problems.
    3. Leave a short and concise message stating the reason as to why you think the feedback should be removed.

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Respond To Feedback

If the above steps fail, there is another way to help your case. While this may not remove the review, it will certainly help you as a brand selling on Amazon. Responding to customer feedback gives you, the brand, an opportunity to publicly put forth your side of the story. 

A polite and courteous reply that includes details explaining why the review is unfair or has missing details is a good starting point. As a brand selling on Amazon, don’t be overly defensive or get personal against the buyer. It is important that you steer the conversation by keeping it polite and professional.

This will encourage prospective buyers to reconsider any negative perceptions towards you and might even persuade them to go ahead with buying your product. In order to respond to feedback, follow these steps:

    1. Scroll down to select View Current Feedback.
    2. Find the feedback and click onto Respond.
    3. Type your response.
    4. Click Submit.


As a Brand selling on Amazon, it’s important to remember that negative feedback isn’t the end of the world. Every brand has to deal with negative feedback at some point – it’s important to keep perspective, remember all your positive feedback and to follow the guidelines written and deal with the negative feedback in a calm and cool manner. Now, check out our e-commerce intelligence capabilities at ASDAL to help you accelerate your business.

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