Did you know when Amazon loses or damages your inventory they owe you money?


Lost & Damaged Inventory

FBA will under report 1 – 3% of your lost or damaged items sent to their warehouses and our software helps you get reimbursed for under reported items.

Reclaim Money for Lost Or Damaged Items

Items can be lost or damaged for multiple reasons, but ultimately, items are lost due to Amazon’s partnered carriers and their warehouse staff. Our Lost and Damage tool helps brands and sellers like yourself reclaim money for your products that Amazon losses or damages while in their FBA warehouses.

FBA will under report 1 – 3% of your annual units to send their warehouses, and they have set procedures in place to correct them. Our software automates the reimbursement
process from start to finish.

Step 1

Signup, and enter your Amazon credentials. Then, our software loads your data as far back as 18 months and imports all your FBA transactions from amazon

Step 2

Our software sorts through products, orders, returns, and shipments that may be eligible for a reimbursement. Comb through every item in your inventory and estimates if it’s been lost or damaged.

Step 3

Once our software has finished reviewing the past 18 months, it will organize your eligible reimbursement products into individual cases.

Step 4

Review your organized reports and automatically submit the case to Amazon on your behalf. Once you’ve submitted your cases, our software automatically tracks and compiles a report of all the cases and amounts recovered allowing you to track the money recovered for your account.

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In a world filled with fluff, it can be hard to sift through the noise, and blended responses. That’s why we launched our transparency strategy, where you can hear, see, and make your own analysis based on previous clients, reports, and partners.

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Has your item been lost or damaged?

How to check if your inventory has been lost or damaged

How much does Amazon owe me?

How to calculate the estimated money per unit for Lost and Damaged.

The best way to submit your cases.

How to organize your estimated reimbursements for Amazon A- Z cases.

On average, clients that use our tool have found $5,000 in their initial report and each month after have found 1-3% of their gross monthly sales. What could you do with an extra $500-$5000?


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